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Life is brewtiful: Setting a new high water mark in the Canadian home brewing space.

Working with a company from the concept stage is a dream for ecommerce marketing agencies. We were excited to research the competitive landscape of Canadian home brewing, and then develop the name and branding for this new company. We carried the BrewHQ vision through to a completely custom Shopify Plus theme with innovative display marketing features, and custom branded elements such as Club and Academy sections.


  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Content Strategy
  • Custom Development
  • Design

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Screenshots of the BrewHQ website


Distilling the essence of a brand down to a name isn’t easy. We helped the BrewHQ team select their name based on our market studies, brand positioning, and a series of workshops to build consensus for all the internal stakeholders. They wanted to be known as the approachable experts, who also have one of the largest product catalogs of ready-to-ship home brewing supplies and equipment. BrewHQ was born.

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Building on the BrewHQ name – we teamed up with our good friends at Dose Media to design a logo and brand identity for BrewHQ. They led a series of workshops that helped guide the look and feel of the brand, and ended up with a simple beer glass icon that even a two year old could spot from a distance. Life is brewtiful.

The BrewHQ Brand

Custom Shopify Plus Theme

We carried the branding through to a design and build of a unique one of a kind ecommerce experience built on Shopify Plus.

The BrewHQ custom Shopify Plus theme

BrewHQ Club

Special sections were created to highlight the BrewHQ Club, which were accompanied by unique icons to let customers know there was something special.

BrewHQ Academy

We also created a home for the BrewHQ Academy to house an in depth knowledge base of brewing articles, how-to-guides, and videos.

It’s all about the details

Making a theme look good is one thing, but making it so it functions well, and can be used weekly for ecommerce store merchandising, is another. We pride ourselves on attention to detail – like creating a powerful deals section for BrewHQ that can be customized by their team. They can upload a background photo, or build cards on the fly using their brand colors. They can also choose the weight of the font for the card - making sure returning customers always have something new to look at.

Special sections on the BrewHQ website

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