The Top 3 Reasons Why We Love Shopify Tap & Chip Card Reader
Shopify Tap & Chip Reader has come to Canada, and we’re pumped

Shopify’s award-winning tap and chip card reader is now available in Canada! We’ve been waiting for this day, and now that it’s here, we want to tell you why this is such big news for Canadian merchants! 


1. Shopify merchants, untie!

No more being tethered to your countertop: Canadian retailers can now provide safe and convenient mobile checkout experiences and serve their customers anywhere. The Tap & Chip Card Reader's small size and lightweight design means it fits comfortably in your pocket so you can serve customers faster and check out anywhere in the store, curbside or wherever you want to sell. 

Coupled with the scratch-resistant and shatter-proof Shopify Tap & Chip Case, it stands up to daily use around your store. It also connects wirelessly to phones or tablets using the Shopify POS app, which allows customers to complete PIN entry on the screen of your iPad or iPhone, eliminating the need for a keypad on the reader. This means your staff can help shoppers from anywhere in your store. 



2. Everything’s in one place

This new capability means that Canadian merchants can now manage a fully omnichannel experience using just one commerce platform. When combined with the all-new Shopify POS, Shopify’s Tap & Chip Card Reader is fully integrated with Shopify Payments so retailers can easily track and manage their orders and payments in one place. (Shopify Payments comes with your Shopify account; all you need to do is turn it on.) Retailers get Shopify Payments’ low rates without any additional setup costs or monthly fees; it’s just 10¢ per Interac transaction and as low as 2.4% on all credit card transactions.



3. Safe and secure, flexible and reliable 

Ok, this probably counts as four separate reasons, but we couldn’t resist. The Shopify Tap & Chip Reader gives customers flexible payment options to choose from: contactless Interac Flash payments, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

The Tap & Chip Card Reader integrates with the Shopify Retail Kit, which manages hardware connectivity, keeps two devices charged, and reduces clutter at checkout to keep devices ready to use and secure.



Are you convinced yet?

We are so excited that this hardware is now available for the thousands of Canadian businesses already using Shopify! And...the all-new Shopify POS is available now, with Pro features for brick-and-mortar stores free until October 31, 2020


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