Shopify B2B Launches
Sell to your B2B and DTC customers, all in one store.

The B2B landscape is changing - For B2B merchants, the importance of having a strong ecommerce option for their customers is growing. According to Newswire:

"the global B2B E-Commerce market held a market value of USD 8,523.3 Billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 18,771.4 Billion by the year 2027."

New Offerings

Shopify is well aware of the potential in this landscape, and now the B2B platform you have been waiting for is here. The new B2B offerings from Shopify introduce a suite of features that now enable you to sell B2B without requiring the use of third party apps or workarounds to implement B2B complexity.

More Revenue Opportunities

What this means is that your customers will have more opportunities to do business with you, and you'll spend less time in the back end. You can now set customer-specific price lists, payment terms, and currencies and connect multiple buyers and locations in a single company profile, all built right into the Shopify admin.

Everything you know and love about your DTC online store is now available for B2B as part of your Shopify Plus plan at no additional cost, and it's included alongside Shopify’s most powerful customization features that you are already familiar with including advanced customization for themes, pricing, and checkout.

Your customers will use the same store and access buyer-specific information, pricing, payment terms, and more. You can set up B2B customer profiles for a custom buyer experience.

Key B2B Features

  • Companies: Create B2B customer company profiles with multiple locations and associated buyers.
  • Price lists: Offer percentage-based or fixed discounts.
  • Payment terms: Assign flexible payment terms like net 30 per location, visible at checkout.
  • B2B checkout: Show B2B pricing during accelerated checkout based on company profile.
  • Self-serve: Authenticate buyers before they can access B2B products and pricing, and view and manage account information and order history.

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