February Shopify Meetup Halifax
Top takeaways from a night of ecommerce expertise


Did you make it out to our last Shopify Meetup, Halifax?

We had a good-sized turnout of Shopify storekeepers and those considering launching an ecommerce business. Put that together with good snacks, drinks and two informative presentations, and we had a great time!



Here are the top points from our two speakers:

Session 1: Growing Your Small Business Through Shopify

Shekara Grant, Business Development Manager of My Home Apparel

Shekara spoke about why they’re still very satisfied with their choice of Shopify as a platform, and mentioned her four favourite Shopify integrations that help automate her work.


Shipstation - increases their efficiency by printing labels for shipping. 

Trade Gecko - inventory management software - tracks inventory between their warehouse and 100+ retailers.

Mailchimp - customizable mailing list (e.g. retail/wholesale, province).

Shopify Analytics - currently using to track sales by product and make restocking more effective. (Shekara learned about Shopify Analytics at our Shopify Meetup in October, and put it into play over their busy holiday season!)



Shekara’s business philosophy:

Every business starts with an idea; you just need to find a starting point that makes sense for you - for them, it was a website.

Create a stable foundation. She chose Shopify and its partnered integrations.

There is always a way to grow your business. Find new ways to learn about your business; be proactive than reactive. (And use Shopify analytics.) 


    My Home Apparel was founded in 2015 in Truro, NS. They sell Canadian-made garments, silk screened in their studio with water-based inks, celebrating wherever people call home. 5% of their profits go to social initiatives. You can follow them on Instagram and Twitter.



    Session 2: Learn How to Grow and Automate Your Online Business

    Will Nelson, Saute

    Will discussed how he created his “muse”, an automated business that supports his lifestyle. Five years ago, he researched successful business models that hadn’t gotten a strong foothold in his local market, figured out his monthly expenses, then set targets for how much he needed to make a month, and how that translated to customer numbers.  

    With his idea and his partnerships set up, he launched trysaute.com with a WordPress site and bluCommerce platform. This was a good start; however, he found it time consuming to manage and update. When he switched to Shopify, everything got better.



    His top tips:

    Delegation: Choose to pay yourself less to outsource what you need to (e.g. bookkeeper)


    Metrics: What gets measured gets managed. Analyze one metric at a time to keep your business growing.

    Customer Lifetime Value:  Calculate how much each profit you make from each customer, then use it to decide how much you can spend to acquire new ones. 

    Will advocates a 5-step business development philosophy:

    1. Find a problem
    2. Create a solution
    3. Measure your results
    4. Make improvements
    5. Repeat



      Saute offers precooked meals and meal plans on a subscription or one-time order basis. They are fresh and chef-prepared, with a focus on eating for health. You can order them for pickup or delivery. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter.


      Watch this space for the Spring Meetup

      Our next Shopify Meetup event will be held in the spring, location TBD. We know it’s going to be another wonderful evening and we hope you’ll join us for more education, discussion and insights with ecommerce experts (as well as more networking and snacks!). Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for all the updates!

      If you would like to speak at future events, or if you are interested in sponsoring the next meetup please email us at meetups@ablesense.com.