Exportify Customer Profile: Organic Aromas
Ah, the sweet smell of success

Ecommerce success story Organic Aromas was established by a group of passionate and experienced engineers, artists and business professionals with the goal of creating the world’s most effective, safest and most beautiful instrument for disseminating, applying and enjoying the fabulous aromas of pure, organic essential oils.

As their business took off, they struggled to manage their growing numbers of orders -- it’s a good problem to have! -- and found the solution in Able Sense’s Exportify app.

We asked their Director, Chad Pegura, a few questions about himself and his business. 

What’s your favourite podcast right now?

Perpetual Traffic by DigitalMarketer, a weekly podcast featuring strategies to acquire leads and sales for business.

What are you reading?

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck and Start With Why by Simon Senek


What advice would you give to other ecommerce merchants to grow their sales?

Ecommerce is constantly changing, so stay on top of new trends. Always be learning new ways to market your brand. Research what other successful brands are doing. 


What’s your number one tip for other Shopify store owners?

Do whatever it takes to keep the customer happy, even if that means taking a loss on a sale. 


What are your favourite Shopify apps?

Our favorite Shopify apps include Exportify, Parcelify and Fomo.


How does Exportify benefit your business? 

Exportify makes it easy to add bulk orders to our daily shipping manifest. It saves us a lot of time. The support team was very helpful in customizing our order export to fit our shipping template. 


What’s next for your company? 

We are expanding into new markets. We recently launched in China and have our eyes set on Japan, Vietnam and Korea. 


Visit the Organic Aromas Shopify platform, or follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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