Handmade toys your great-great-great-grandchildren will still be raving about.

The Toy Maker of Lunenburg creates handmade, wooden toys, brain teasers, and fun equipment and play structures for child care centres. We're in love with their classic and beautiful toys that are sure to become family heirlooms. Our office is also slowly filling with their addictive and completely distracting brain teaser puzzles.


  • Ecommerce strategy
  • Web Development
  • Training

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Photo collage showing a few different pages on the website

Ecommerce action plan

To migrate Toy Maker of Lunenburg's online store to Shopify, we developed a strong Ecommerce Action Plan (EAP) with owner, Elke Uribe. The EAP informed an implementation project where we refreshed the Toy Maker of Lunenburg's online presence and made it easier for them to accept orders online. Ultimately, we helped the Toy Maker of Lunenburg so they could confidently and efficiently promote their products to a much larger audience.

A series of user story cards showing different customer types

User stories and information architecture

Through a series of in-person workshops, we worked with the Toy Maker of Lunenburg team to create in-depth user stories. This gave us clarity into every possible user of the site, from toy customers to child care centres and employees.

From the user stories workshop, we learned what content had to be created, and which Shopify features and apps the Toy Maker of Lunenburg needed to include on their Shopify store. Knowing more about the content and features helped inform the information architecture, which we mapped out during a hands-on card sorting workshop.

A photo of a brain teaser with brightly coloured balls in a pyramid shape

Complete store setup

Elke wrote new content for the website for any areas that were outlined as content gaps, and for those that required a refresh to closer align with their brand. We helped by offering some guidance on editing for the web and an introduction to SEO. Once the content was gathered, we helped the Toy Maker of Lunenburg configure and set-up their Shopify store.

A photo of a bright yellow wooden duck toy with wheels and pull-string


The final result is a playful website that showcases the variety of handmade products the Toy Maker of Lunenburg creates while elegantly reflecting their brand online. Most importantlt, their Shopify store highlights what makes them so special — everything is made with care, by hand, and for you!

The new Shopify store includes:

Screenshot of Toy Maker of Lunenburg website on a laptop computer
Homepage hero image that emphasizes handmade
Screenshot showing homepage promotion layout
Homepage promotion area for featured products that can change seasonally
Screenshot showing page with filtered product collection
Collection and tag filtering to help customers shop by product type, age, etc.
A screenshot of a product detail page showing a handmade wooden toy
Product detail pages with playful images and videos

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