Teleport is a simple, easy to use Shopify app that allows you to "beam" customer information from your Shopify store to your Hubspot account. Make the most out of your customer data by segmenting in Hubspot based on e-commerce activity.

  • Automatically transfer customer data from your Shopify store to your Hubspot account
  • No more manual customer/order imports; just set it and forget it
  • Filter customers in Hubspot by 20+ Shopify customer and order fields

Shopify to Hubspot via Teleport


  • Automatically copies all existing customers from a Shopify store with a linked Hubspot account
  • Detailed order information for new and existing Shopify customers is automatically synced to your Hubspot contacts as new purchases are made
  • Allows you to make smart lists in Hubspot with Shopify-specific fields. We automatically create one on install to get you started
  • Allows the addition of Shopify fields to each of your Hubspot contacts, including detailed order data, Shopify activity, and product and vendors lists

Install Teleport from the Shopify App Store

Teleport is a Shopify App you can add with a few clicks from the official Shopify App Store. Connecting to your HubSpot account is a breeze after you install Teleport in your Shopify store.

Install Teleport from the Shopify App Store