Promoting Atlantic Canadian artists with a picture-perfect custom Shopify theme and new POS setup

Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Teichert Gallery has been helping Atlantic Canadian artists promote, sell and rent their works to local buyers and tourists for more than 40 years. Now, with Shopify, Teichert Gallery can share their artwork with the world.

An extension of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, the Teichert Gallery team contacted us to build their own website. They had a dream of a giving their artists a bigger platform to promote their talents and we knew Shopify would be the perfect fit. It was a pleasure to see the whole thing come together...beautifully.


  • Custom Shopify Theme Development
  • Design
  • Content Strategy
  • POS Implementation

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Teichert Gallery website displayed on multiple devices
Series of mobile devices with different images displaying on screens

Focus on the art

Our team loved the challenge of designing the theme for Teichert Gallery. We knew that, similar to a physical gallery, the artwork had to be the center of attention. This inspired our simple, clean design.

Custom in-situation display

We wanted customers to be able to visualize how each piece might look like in their own space. So, we built a custom in-situation display that incorporates four sizes of prints and two orientations (horizontal vs. vertical). Now, they can purchase artwork online with confidence.

Screens showing the different types of in-situation displays

A large, dynamic catalogue made simple

Teichert Gallery’s ever-changing catalogue holds over 1,000 works. They challenged us to reflect the acquisition of new works at least twice a month, as well as the scheduled return of unsold or unrented pieces to the artists to facilitate the accession of new artwork. We created an organized system of tags so that the staff can easily report on product sales, rentals and inactivity. For the customers, tags such as size, price and style are used as filters so they can shop by categories. Finally, more tags make it manageable for the team to create and promote smart collections of new accessions via social media updates and email newsletters.

Screenshots of gallery shop on desktop

Artist page displayed on a laptop

Promoting the artists

Previously, artists who sold and rented their artwork through Teichert Gallery had no way of promoting their work. The Teichert team wanted to help artists increase their sales and to build excitement for Atlantic Canadian artwork. We created searchable Collection pages for each artist, with a short biography and beautiful images of all of their work.

Convenient options for rental and purchase

Via Teichert Gallery, members of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia can see if a piece works well in their own space for up to six months before committing to a purchase. We built this flexibility into their website. After the rental period has expired, a customer who wishes to purchase the artwork can simply apply the rental fees to their purchase.

Screenshot of product page with rent option

Mobile screens with rental option visible

Automated rental management

We used Bold’s Recurring Orders & Subscription Box app to set up professional subscriptions and rentals. Staff can now easily see how many pieces are rented and when they are due back in the gallery. We also customized the theme to show when a piece is rented, while interested customers can still see product details and sign up to be notified when it is back in stock.

POS setup

We helped Teichert Gallery set up Shopify POS in their store. Now, inventory is integrated with sales, and layaways, rentals and rental returns are all managed in one place. Their team have been impressed with how easy it is to use.


QuickBooks integration

Teichert Gallery wanted to keep track of sales and rentals efficiently and accurately, and preferably automatically. We helped them do just that with QuickBooks Online for a seamless accounting integration with Shopify.

Picture perfect

We are still excited about our contribution to Teichert Gallery’s new online presence, and we just can’t stop browsing through the beautiful artwork by incredibly talented Atlantic Canadian artists. We are thrilled to see their sales soar!

Squares from Teichert logo

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