An innovative product lineup gets a long-lasting, scalable solution with Shopify Plus

Silipint makes unbreakable, reusable, recyclable, eco-friendly drinkware. Their range of designs and bright colours make them stand out on any patio, campsite, beach or corporate event, and their claim that their products ‘never wear out’ seems to hold true.

With such a great product, they needed an ecommerce site that could handle  increasing demand, an expanding catalogue, and an ambitious plan for global growth.

When they approached us to help them migrate from WooCommerce, we knew that Shopify Plus was the right solution.

Project Type

    • Shopify Plus


    • Ecommerce Action Plan
    • Development
    • Migration from WooCommerce to Shopify Plus
    • Inventory, fulfillment, accounting and sales integrations

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Migrating from WooCommerce to Shopify Plus

We migrated Silipint’s data from WooCommerce over to Shopify Plus. Here’s why:

The power of Shopify Plus means that Silipint can continue to scale and grow, to reach out globally and jump into new markets when they’re ready, with options like multi-currency and multi-store shops, which allows them to run separate promotions in different countries. Their primary focus is on their D2C operations, but their platform is ready to take on their B2B distribution as soon as they’re ready.

As well, speed was of paramount importance to the Silipint team. Shopify Plus can handle speed —  it’s fast —  and besides, with a 99.98% uptime, it’s reliable.

Silipint Home Page

Integrations abound

A fast-growing company has a lot of balls in the air. We successfully integrated Silipint’s preferred CRM, shipping and fulfillment, accounting, and sales leads into one simple, sensible backend that is easy to manage. With highly-rated apps like Ship Station, Quickbooks Enterprise Desktop Integration, and Avalara AvaTax, they can stay organized and on top of their business, all in one place.

Silipint Collection & Detail Pages

Custom design

The Silipint team already had a design in mind. Normally, we like to design the sites we build; because of our extensive Shopify experience, we know what will work (beautifully) with the Shopify ecosystem. But, they loved their design, and we did too. Our team of skilled developers worked to recreate and convert it to Shopify Plus. And it’s gorgeous. With their custom design built on Shopify Plus, Silipint’s new site is ready to scale as fast as they do.

Silipint Blog and FAQ

Our special touches

Upsells are woven right into their theme. From suggesting the perfect lid for the cup —  right on the PDP —  to displaying suggesting complementary products or encouraging upsells to unlock free shipping at checkout, Silipint’s site works hard to help increase average order value.

The visible review format lets prospective customers see honest —  yet impressively positive (and numerous) —  social proof from actual customers.

Super-speedy loading: despite its gorgeous images, the site is incredibly fast.

We created an interactive blog and FAQ. After all, informed customers feel more comfortable purchasing, and relevant, content-specific marketing is always a great idea.

It’s a big Plus

Silipint is still one of our favourite sites. Since making the smart move to Shopify Plus, the future is theirs to toast (with an unbreakable, reusable, recyclable, eco-friendly Silipint, of course).

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