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From faxed-in orders to a modern wholesale channel with Shopify Plus, a home brewing warehouse becomes more efficient

Best Case DIY is one of the most ingenious home beer brewing brands in Canada. They package up all the ingredients you need to make a quality beer at home, and it all fits inside a box that looks like a six-pack of beer. Best Case DIY sells their kits and homebrewing equipment to over 140 retailers across Canada.

Up until 2017, Best Case DIY was taking orders directly in the warehouse like many wholesalers: either by fax or telephone, from a print catalog shipped to their retailers. Best Case was looking for a way to streamline their order-taking process and free up time in the warehouse. They continue to see their numbers grow due to the power of Shopify Plus.


  • Ecommerce Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Training


  • Online store sales up 124%
  • Total orders up 44%
  • Average order value up 55%

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Best Case DIY Website

Ecommerce Action Plan

We developed an in-depth strategy for Best Case DIY during a two-week session of in-person workshops. With our Ecommerce Action Plan, we identified each and every user of the platform, and their needs.

End user acknowledgement

The main users of the new platform fell into two groups. The first were retailers who make wholesale orders to stock their shelves with Best Case DIY kits. They needed to sign in and order products, accessing prices and discounts for volume purchases. They also needed to be able to reorder past orders easily and make last-minute adjustments to their orders before shipping.

The second main group were the Best Case staff themselves. They needed to edit orders and give custom shipping quotes before fulfillment, especially in the case of huge wholesale orders that were large enough to require a skid.


Best Case DIY's Dartmouth Warehouse
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The Ecommerce Action Plan gave us the clarity to make smart business decisions for each group of users. During the EAP process, we discovered that the workflow we needed to meet the needs of their users was a perfect fit for Shopify Plus. The Shopify Plus platform gave them a completely separate wholesale channel, which made ordering and reordering easier for both new and current customers.

Best DIY's Modified Theme

Forward Facing Catalog

Even though Best Case operates purely as a wholesaler, we used their Shopify Plus online store as a forward-facing catalog to help improve their organic search ranking. We worked with Best Case staff to create a CSV upload of wholesale pricing rules, which included volume and price breaks, making it easier to get their 500+ SKU catalog online. Then, we custom-developed the theme to prevent individuals from purchasing or seeing inventory amounts online, and created useful pages targeted to this new audience, with information such as how to apply to be a retailer and a list of current retail stores across Canada that stock their products.

Best Case Beer

A new Best Case scenario

It was a huge leap for Best Case DIY to move from faxed-in orders to using a modern wholesale channel with Shopify Plus, and we were delighted to help them do it. This update has greatly reduced time spent on the phone with retailers, which translates to more time in the warehouse and less errors. Efficiencies: found.

“Able Sense delivered beyond expectation during the development process for our brands and web designs.” 

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