Increase artist exposure and online sales.

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Sell and rent art anywhere.

We unlock new ways for people to bring art into their lives. Inspire customers in your gallery and on your website. Allow them to research artists and collections from anywhere, then purchase the perfect piece online or at the gallery. Able Sense will help you plan and implement Shopify to make selling and renting art efficient – so you can focus on artists and customers.

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Ecommerce and POS to grow your business

Use Shopify to grow your art sales across multiple channels:

  • Let customers buy online from home, after visiting your gallery. Perfect for tourists.
  • Offer in-store pickup to drive customers to your gallery location(s).
  • Manage multi-location POS and inventory.
  • Connect directly to other sales channels like: Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Amazon.
  • Manage marketing campaigns in one place.
  • Offer special features tailored for your customers like: newsletters, rentals, gift cards, and loyalty programs.

Selected Work for Art Galleries

Able Sense:
The partner to grow your business with Shopify

Able Sense is a full-service digital agency focused 100% on Shopify. As a Shopify Plus Partner, we help merchants succeed at ecommerce by helping them put Shopify at the centre of their businesses. Working clients large and small has given us a depth of experience you can leverage in your business. We will help you launch and grow sooner – with clarity and confidence – and avoid costly pitfalls.

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Add clarity

to how you put ecommerce at the centre of your business

Prioritize features

you need to offer customers, so you invest your time and money with purpose

Reduce risks

of re-work during implementation

Start selling faster

Start selling on Shopify faster and more effectively than doing your own setup

Provide accuracy

Provide accurate implementation scopes, timelines, and budgets


Increase sales volume, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiencies in the first three months after launch

"I like how Able Sense behaves as a company. It's clear that they are motivated to help us succeed, and that they’re genuinely interested in meshing our ecommerce needs with our mission and vision as a company."

- Sean Myles, Owner, Annapolis Cider Company

"Able Sense went above and beyond in answering each and every question that arose throughout the process of launching and were available to recommend apps and offer customizations to ensure our website was the perfect fit for us."

- Tabitha Osler, Owner, Faire Child Makewear

"You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint (hopefully!) and you shouldn't build a website without an action plan!"

- Lynn Redmond, Ecommerce Manager, BrewHQ

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