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Rootree (formerly known as both Stockpack and Swisspack), is a family-run sustainable packaging solutions company based out of Ontario. Their ambitious goal is to be the most environmentally friendly packaging company in the world, as they continually strive to improve their processes, reduce waste, use better and more renewable materials and provide an end result which is less taxing for Mother Earth.

With this in mind, we created a new digital platform that communicates this mission clearly to their customers, via a completely unique theme that we custom-developed with Rootree’s target market in mind.

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Clarity and Purpose

Rootree contacted us with a specific list of requirements. We began with meetings with Rootree's General Manager to initiate their unique Ecommerce Action Plan (EAP). We clarified exactly what they and their customers required from their digital platform. Working closely with the client, we defined three priorities:

Image showing the brand from previous to new

Designing and developing during a complete rebrand.

Between the EAP and moving into the initial design discovery phase, Rootree undertook a full rebrand with a new identity and messaging. To meet this demand, we created a temporary placeholder theme.

Screenshot of quick order page

A user interface that not only mirrored, but improved upon other industry leaders’ sites.

Given the size and variety of their product catalogue, this was a complicated task, which required a comprehensive strategy for execution with UI adjustments along the way. To make the shopping experience easier for their customers, we created a quick shop list, which allows users to view a full list of products, select product options and add the product directly to their cart. Users can also view a full PDP to view specs and other product details.

Screenshot of Rootree homepage

A homepage that embodies and advertises the Rootree fundamentals and also links smoothly to the shopping pages.

We used Shopify’s newly available Sections and Blocks functionality along with close collaboration with the client to ensure that the result was exactly what Rootree wanted. We integrated parallax scrolling on Rootree’s homepage so that their sections fade from one to the next and can be moved, added and replaced, all while maintaining a cohesive flow. The result: a fully content-manageable homepage with a well-considered custom design.

Inspired custom theme design

With Rootree's new identity and messaging came new design direction. Our designer was inspired by the company’s new logo and tagline, “inspired by nature”. Taking a cue from the eco-friendly, compostable and nature-focused direction, Erin incorporated Rootree's bold and vibrant colour palette, which we used to differentiate the various departments (Stock, Custom, CoPack, etc.). We then introduced neutral tones to be used for main assets, allowing the bright accent colours to really pop.

Rootree’s top priorities for their homepage were to tell their story and educate users about the sustainable packaging industry. We achieved this with sections that display relevant articles and videos. As well, we introduced client case studies to showcase Rootree's artful custom packaging designs and highlights their customers' stories.

 Screenshot of Our Mission section

Integrated apps? Challenge accepted!

When we develop digital solutions for our clients, we research and recommend apps with the best possible fit for the site, whether they come standard with Shopify, need to be configured or we build them ourselves.

Screenshot of product detail page

Customization and Pricing

Rootree offers their customers an impressive array of product ‘add-ons’ for both Digital and Stock product variants, with at least six different finishes, two types of zippers, two thicknesses and options for a degassing valve and tin-tie available. With such a high level of product customization, we knew that we absolutely required the use of Bold’s Product Options app.

We chose the Quantity Breaks app to apply Rootree’s complicated unit quantity discounts. Pricing discounts are applied to Digital products in quantities of anywhere between 500 to 75,000. On Stock products, discounts apply to set boxed quantities of one, three and five. We needed to create the required product specifications and apply the correct discount models via both of these apps, which took an enormous amount of configuration.

Screenshot of cart page with product options

Shipping solutions

Another app which performs a critical function is the Bespoke Shipping app. Rootree’s product catalogue and resultant pricing and quantity structures were far too broad and complex for standard Shopify shipping functionality. From the outset, the client had stated that they needed to provide customers with live rates from UPS, their carrier of choice. They required an app that utilized a complex 4D algorithm, designed to generate live rates for orders with more than one box. Bespoke had the solution and also provided the required configuration.

We then chose Shipstation for its ability to quickly generate shipping labels for multi-parcel orders. Working in harmony with Bespoke, Shipstation provides a complete shipping solution to Rootree’s exacting requirements.

Photo of person working at desk with computer screen


Rootree uses Quickbooks as their accounting system. We chose Bold’s Quickbooks Sync app to connect their Quickbooks account to their Shopify store. The app also connects to Shipstation which could provide Rootree with another level of functionality should they choose, in the future.

Screenshot of app screen

Email marketing

Lastly, we set up Rootree with for email marketing. As one of the main apps currently replacing Mailchimp, it does a fantastic job and is now our email marketing app of choice.

In the bag

Now Rootree has a one-of-a-kind, brand-new and newly-branded digital platform that has been built to their specifications and delivers their vision to their customers, who, in turn, can easily order and re-order what they need.

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