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Combining official sports team logos with a completely custom product options interface to improve on the ecommerce experience

People like online shopping because it’s easy: no traffic, parking or busy malls. Vendors can showcase their item with high quality photos from every angle. Customers know exactly what they’re getting and can hit the buy button with confidence.

But what if you’re selling highly-customizable products that are unique to each customer? If customers can’t visualize exactly what they’re buying, they’re more likely to abandon their cart instead of checking out.

This is exactly why Shopify Plus merchant My Custom Sports Chair engaged us to create an online personalization tool for their custom chair line.


  • Ecommerce Strategy
  • Product Customization Feature Development

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Getting it right: A completely custom product options interface

We needed to be able to show customers what their final product would look like. Although there are pre-built product options apps for Shopify, they didn’t quite meet the needs of My Custom Sports Chair. So, we built them one from scratch.

Starting with the official licensed assets from the NHL, CFL and NFL teams, we created an interface that shows a live preview as customers add (or edit) their name and number to the back of their chair. After integrating our live preview of their final customized products, we analyzed the improvements in their key metrics and found:

  • Increased time on the product detail page
  • Decreased cart abandonment
  • Decreased number of visits before purchase

Exact rendering

We developed special algorithms to show the customer an exact rendering of their custom chair, using SVG, JavaScript and Canvas to deliver a tool that works on any device, in all modern browsers and with no plugins.

Just as in the final product, our interface centres the name, displaying how the letters will break over the panels on the chair back. We show the customer exactly what their own chair will look like, right down to each team’s custom font.

Exportify for efficiency

We updated My Custom Sports Chair’s system of receiving, processing and delivering orders to their customers with Able Sense’s Exportify app, which exports custom line items’ properties for each order to their production staff for fulfillment. This improved their operational workflow by eliminating the need for paper, phone calls and email follow-up for clarification and proofing.

The result

A game changer! The online personalization tool helped My Custom Sports Chair customers visualize their customized product with confidence. Our Exportify App was implemented to improve fulfillment workflows and reduce errors in production. The client saw increases in their sales, fewer abandoned carts and reduced customer support requests. Go team!

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