If you need to export orders with a custom layout for CSV, Excel, or any delimited text format – Exportify is the App for you.

Download directly from the order screen to your computer, or email an attachment to a pre-determined email address – great for sending to a 3PL, warehouse, or fulfillment partner.

Simplify Custom Order Exports

  • Export order data to Excel, or any delimited text format
  • Use only the fields you need, with your own custom names
  • Export files can be directly downloaded, or automatically emailed as an attachment
  • Process orders for fulfillment and view only the details that you want to see

Exportify makes it easy to export your order data with a custom field layout of your choosing.

Process your orders for fulfillment in the format your partners need. Modify the default order export fields to include only the details that are relevant to you.


  • Export orders individually or in a batch
  • Ability to have a custom Excel or delimited text format implemented for you – using only the field mappings and layouts that you want
  • Option for exports to be directly downloaded, or emailed to an address of your choice
  • Exportify can include many fields not available in the default Shopify Order Export
    • Line item properties
    • UTM tags associated with each order
    • Customer Tags and Note Attributes
    • Barcodes
    • Custom date/time formatting
    • Constants like your 3PL account id

Install Exportify from the Shopify App Store

Exportify is a Shopify App you can add with a few clicks from the official Shopify App Store. We offer a free customization of your export file format when you install.

Install Exportify from the Shopify App Store