History meets Shopify as a luxury brand finds its place on the web

Commonly known as the Tailor Project, the Garment Workers’ Scheme was a small Canadian immigration program that brought around 2,000 displaced craftsmen from Europe to Canada to work in the country’s growing fashion industry in the late 1940s. As part of this program, Joseph Erlich emigrated from Italy as a refugee, and, with the skills learned as an orphaned apprentice, his passion and entrepreneurial spirit, he created a successful leather goods business that sold to Canada’s top retailers for 50 years.

In 2016, Joseph’s grandson Andy made a courageous move: he left a career in finance to revive his grandfathers’ brand within our modern world, using traditional skills and sustainable techniques. It is now known as the luxury brand Daveed (formerly LeDaveed), and its beautiful new web platform, a collaboration of high-end design and intuitive functionality, embodies the proud heritage of the products it showcases.


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A collaborative (ad)venture

We worked closely with designer Simon Hughes from Design & Build Co. on this project. His company, Design & Build Co. is a creative agency that specializes in creating powerful digital retail experiences for the luxury, fashion and beauty industries, and was a wonderful partner for this creative collaboration as we built Daveed a completely customized Shopify site. We collectively established a joint approach towards developing and implementing a custom-built theme. Our developers addressed the client’s requirements for custom animation, content management, mega menu navigation and a wide range of other customized features and functionality that enhance the customer experience and complement the modernized luxury brand that is Daveed.

Two photos of people with Daveed bags, one holding a travel pouch, the other set on a table

Optimized images

To meet the client’s uncompromising design aesthetic, we used high-quality photography and typography across the site. We also ensured back-end usability, as the beautiful images, custom-positioned on each page, are fully manageable by the merchant.

We designed appealing pages with multiple image carousels, some of which only appear on the mobile site. These custom image carousels are used to display product features and materials as well as bring focus to the heritage and craft of the brand.

Screenshot of website images at various screen sizes

Custom development for custom design

Embracing the highly-detailed, magazine-like design, we created multiple custom templates for product, collection and editorial pages with elegant and discreet animation.

We built custom Shopify sections that allow the merchant to update the site navigation themselves. With their clean, customizable site navigation, the team at Daveed can curate and feature product display features of the dropdown menu on their own.

We also designed a custom newsletter signup feature, consistent with the overall theme design and typography, that the merchant can manage and update the text as they wish.

Screenshot of collection page and story page

PDP (Perfectly Delightful Pages)

Displayed product thumbnails are restricted to the selected variant colour. This custom solution for Daveed’s PDPs minimizes distraction and maintains the uncluttered design.

Since the product pages have custom content for each product, we coded theme sections for each, for which the Daveed team can add, remove, update and reorder product features, including images and text, themselves.

Screenshots of backpack product page on small and large screens

Shopping in style

We gave Daveed a custom-developed shopping bag, which includes product upsell options and also integrates seamlessly with Bold’s Multi-Currency app, using styles that match the site’s design. Now their customers can add products to their cart without leaving the product page.

Screenshot of travel duffle bag product page with shopping cart open on side

Screenshot of website pages on small screen

A luxurious result

We’re proud of this project; our developers devised innovative and responsive strategies for Daveed’s new ecommerce site, which reflects the refined essence of a renewed and sustainable luxury brand. And, while we enjoyed the creative collaboration with Design & Build Co., we are especially thrilled to have provided a beautiful and functional new Shopify solution to our client.

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