Able Sense Media Limited contributes to a healthy and sustainable environment for our workers and community.

The “three R’s” help us keep environmental protection practices in mind every day.


  • We use less than 500 sheets of letter-size paper annually. Electronic documents are used whenever possible.
  • Employees regularly commute by transit and bicycles reducing our carbon emissions and keeping cars out of downtown.
  • Our office windows open for cooling in summer months instead of using air conditioning.
  • Locally sourced supplies (like our non-toxic whiteboard cleaner) are another small way of reducing carbon emissions.
  • Our computer equipment has modern energy saving features, and we turn off our workstations during non-business hours.


  • We drink locally roasted, fair trade coffee daily. Our reusable travel mugs save over 1,400 disposable coffee cups annually.
  • Approximately 50% of our office furniture is reused.


  • All of our paper, plastic, and cardboard waste is recycled in accordance with municipal programs.
  • We recommend re-cycled paper and card stock to our clients from printers that have Forest Stewardship Council certification.