An award-winning craft distillery finds their perfect platform and POS

When we met with the team at Barrelling Tide, their existing website had limited functionality and lacked a design aesthetic worthy of their incredible products. Their point of sale system was also in need of an upgrade. Able Sense quickly identified these areas with their Ecommerce Action Plan, and in response offered two highly-effective solutions to meet their needs: a shiny new Shopify store with a handpicked pre-built theme to suit, and the Shopify POS system.


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About Barrelling Tide

Barrelling Tide is a craft distillery located in Port Williams, Nova Scotia. They specialize in small batch brewed spirits and liqueurs, and owners Colleen and Russ Murphy are justifiably proud of their locally-sourced ingredients and high quality, award-winning products. Operating since 2016, Barrelling Tide has become a major player in the fast-growing craft distillery market in Nova Scotia.

An image showing a screenshot of the Barrelling Tide website

A refined design

Barrelling Tide chose a pre-built theme for their new Shopify platform. We recommended and set them up with the popular Venue theme. This theme allows a super-smooth user experience with minimalist menu navigation and simple content blocks.

Image showing website displayed on large screen and phone

We liked this theme because it:

  • Fits with their brand
  • Incorporates key features for food and beverage industry
  • Comes with an age-checker popup
  • Allows multiple currency display
  • Makes product filtering easy to manage
  • Is easy to update
  • Has the capability for adding promotional landing pages with minimal customization

Screenshot of Barrelling Tide website on large and small screens

We were also able to really showcase the beauty of the distillery in a whole new light. Most importantly, their new Collection and Product Detail pages now entice potential customers with expertly-displayed images for all of Barrelling Tide’s product range. The result was a site that is a perfect distillation of their brand.

An on-point POS

We added more value by implementing Shopify’s POS system. A testament to Shopify’s seamless user interface, we were able to demonstrate the POS system and its functionality before the install had been fully completed! The distillery was closed for the day, and the POS installation process was almost complete when a recently-immigrated Australian family took us all by surprise. Never missing an opportunity, Able Sense, jumped at the chance to showcase the newly-acquired power of Shopify POS. The family were waved inside and within moments, Barrelling Tide had successfully processed their first sale on Shopify POS, and a hefty one at that!

A photo of a person loading the last bottle of vodka into a case

Barrelling on

Barrelling Tide’s products won ten awards (again!) at the 2019 Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition. With that repeated success, and the new opportunities that they now have as Shopify merchants, we look forward to watching them continue to thrive and grow, with spirit! We’re happy to keep working with them, and hope they’ll come to us when they’re ready to grow again.

“Able Sense was very professional and knowledgeable. They were imperative in getting the right theme and getting everything to look the way we wanted it to. They made sure we were aware of all of the "ins and outs", and are continuing to help us with our site and POS through Shopify.” 

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