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Showcasing premium pet supplements using innovative design and Shopify Plus

Baie Run has a noble mission: to provide dog and cat owners with effective supplements and natural health products that improve their pet’s quality of life.

Our goal was simply to embody this passion in a beautiful ecommerce platform. We began with an Ecommerce Action Plan to clarify what the Baie Run team and their users needed, then produced an online experience that guides their customers through the website, letting them navigate to where they needed to go with ease.


  • Ecommerce Action Plan
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Photography

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Screenshots showing the Baie Run Pet Products Shopify Plus Website.

Product detail pages personalized for the client

Baie Run stands behind the purity and quality of their ingredients. Our priority was to highlight the benefits and ingredients of each product in their ecommerce store. We knew it wouldn’t be enough to just post a picture of the product and add some sell copy; we wanted to illustrate the unique nature of the Baie Run product catalog. On each product page, we represented the ingredients, features and benefits visually, in an informative and beautiful showcase for each product.

Details of the Baie Run Pet Products product detail page
Icons created for Baie Run Pet Products detail pages

A custom icon library

We pushed the limits of Shopify theme development by using code breaks in the product pages to link to icons for each pet health benefit. These deliver key information to the customer in a simple and clear format. We also made it easy for the Baie Run team to manage their content in the future.

Canine + Feline

Baie Run has product lines for both dogs and cats. During our Ecommerce Action Plan, we identified the requirement to market to each group of owners individually. This helped inform our design decisions; we anchored each section with an animal photo on a white background, keeping the look clean and simple. Then, we used different colours for each section, all the way down to the images from the icon library.

Details of the Baie Run Pet Products canine and feline sections.


We knew it was key to echo Baie Run’s mission throughout the website. We understood how strongly they felt about educating pet owners about the benefits of pet supplements, so, in response, we gave them a specific Supplements page. As well, using Shopify’s templating language, we developed a custom blog section that the Baie Run team can update easily, to highlight and feature ingredients used in their product lines.


We created a beautiful blogging engine that the Baie Run team can use for continual content creation to drive traffic to the website and engage repeat visitors.

Direct to consumer + wholesale channels

Baie Run’s products sell across North America, both on B2B and B2C channels, which makes them a perfect fit for Shopify Plus. We helped them set up their wholesale channel with market-appropriate price lists, minimum quantities and case lots for each SKU, facilitating sales in the USA and Canada.

To ensure the accuracy of tax calculations and tax nexus for every sale, all Shopify Plus platforms include Avalara’s AvaTax. This software uses geolocation to map multiple rates and rules to each transaction and automatically calculates sales tax on all Shopify Plus sales. Simple.

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