A premium cider company gets a redesign with a fully-integrated Shopify POS and ecommerce upgrades

The Annapolis Cider Company produces and sells premium apple cider at their Main Street storefront in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. From day one, they established themselves as experts, gaining attention for reliability, authenticity, high quality standards and a commitment to supporting local farmers in the Annapolis Valley.

Struggling with issues on their current POS system, owner Sean Myles and his team asked us to help them save time and headaches by migrating to Shopify POS. They were also eager to expand their ecommerce sales channel, integrated with a new website built on Shopify.


  • Ecommerce Action Plan
  • Strategy
  • POS Implementation
  • Web Development
  • Ecommerce Migration
  • Cider Club


  • Online store sessions up 69%
  • Total online sales up 334%
  • Average order value up 39%
  • Online store conversion rate up 237%

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User stories for our Ecommerce Action Plan

Ecommerce Action Plan

We kicked off our engagement with Annapolis Cider Company with our Ecommerce Action Plan (EAP). This helped us better understand the needs of their customers and staff, and to make informed decisions about what functionality to add to the online store and their POS system.

The Annapolis Cider Company Shopify Site

A refreshed online presence

A new website was a perfect opportunity to rejuvenate Annapolis Cider’s online presence. We started with a beautifully welcoming image of customers approaching their Wolfville storefront, then continued to use great photography throughout the site, highlighting the Annapolis Cider team’s attention to premium quality, sourcing locally and their down-to-earth company culture.

We also featured Annapolis Cider’s three main cider series -- Signature, Heritage and Creative -- to make it easy for customers to start browsing for their favourites right away.

A worker stocks the shelves at the Annapolis Cider Company.

A customer purchases some cider at a point of sale terminal at Annapolis Cider Company.


The Annapolis Cider team were already using Moneris for in-store sales, so we set up their POS to use the iP3320 Moneris terminal. With Shopify POS, Annapolis Cider can now process orders from anywhere in the store via phone or tablet. Now, during busy periods, they can have as many staff jump on cash as they need and can keep customers moving through the checkout.

They're also using Shopify POS to make sales off-site at events, trade shows and farmers’ markets. Brilliant.

Join the club

Annapolis Cider wanted to reward their dedicated community with exclusive access to special collections of ciders selected by Cidermaker Melanie Eelman. We used Bold's Recurring Orders & Subscription Box app to automatically place orders for their Cider Club members every six months.

Mixing it up online

To ensure their products arrive intact, Annapolis Cider ships their ciders in cases of twelve. Before we migrated their store to Shopify, all twelve bottles in a case had to be the same type of cider, meaning that customers who wanted to try different types had to order multiple cases. We used javascript to update this practice, to allow customers to choose any of Annapolis Cider’s varieties in each case of twelve. Now customers can order their favourites and try some new ones, all in the same case.

Custom Shopify cart adjustments performed by the Able Sense team.

No limits

Annapolis Cider’s fully-integrated Shopify Online + POS store is up and running with their QuickBooks Online accounting incorporated as well. This means they have more time and energy to spend on managing their business and producing even more amazing cider, which we like. Cheers to them!

(And cheers to us!)

I like how Able Sense behaves as a company. It's clear that it is motivated to help us succeed and that it's genuinely interested in meshing our ecommerce needs with our mission and vision as a company.

- Sean Myles, Co-founder, Annapolis Cider Company

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