Why Aren't You Offering a Subscription Product?
You could be offering a subscription product on your Shopify store right now

Drive monthly sales through recurring orders

We browse a lot of Shopify stores internally here at Able Sense – keeping up the latest trends in ecommerce and seeing what everyone is doing with the ecosystem. Everyone is trying to drive sales online – from flat fee shipping to great video and photography on product pages.

While browsing most product catalogs, we often wonder – why aren’t they offering a subscription-based product?

A monthly box of goodies or supplies isn’t just for contacts, razor blades and other disposable products. With a little research and thought you could be offering a subscription product on your Shopify store right now.

Take a cue from the huge explosion of subscription-based services (like Vinyl Me, Please) and design a monthly or quarterly subscription product for your business. Have a winery? Offer a members-only wine club. Sell t-shirts? Have a t-shirt club with limited edition art for members. High fashion apparel? Offer a monthly box of accessories that match well with your brand. You get the point.

Customers have huge demands on their time – make it easy for them by curating something special each month that they’ll be excited to receive and tell their friends about. They already love your brand, so chances are they’ll love your subscription club as well.

Technically, this is fairly easy to implement on your Shopify store. You can set up the tools you need to offer this service right now by using a recurring orders app (like Recurring Orders & Subscription Box App by Bold). It takes a little bit of setup and configuration, but once it’s active, customers can subscribe (and manage their subscriptions) themselves.

Having a subscription base gives you a core customer base each month to build on, rather than trying to convince customers to return, or by driving new customers to the site by paid ads.

Driving your subscription numbers should be an ecommerce goal for all Shopify stores in 2018.