What We Love 2020: Project Managers
Our Merchant Success Managers weigh in on their favourite new Shopify feature of the year

As has famously been said, the ecommerce landscape accelerated by a decade in 2020. Our Merchant Success Managers are project managers that specialize in Shopify Plus and custom Shopify implementations for fast-growing brands, and have been hands-on with learning, using and integrating all of Shopify’s amazing new features for our valued clients. 

We asked them which, of all the new offerings, was their favourite.


Facebook and Instagram Shop

Will, who joined Able Sense in 2019, chose the Facebook and Instagram Shop, because “it makes it really easy for us to enable merchants to sell on social, via Shopify. It's a great way for our merchants to grow sales without additional effort.”


Local Delivery

Katie has been on the Able Sense team since 2013. She voted for Local Delivery. “It has been huge for clients that have had to pivot for Covid-19. For some it's been the difference between surviving the storm and not.”


Tie breaker

Tyler only joined us earlier this year, and he was very diplomatic in his deliberations. On one hand, Facebook shopping is a very easy and effective way to start selling on an additional channel without much effort, “definitely a game changer.” However, local delivery has helped so many businesses continue operating during the pandemic. “Without it, they may have not been able to keep afloat. So I think I'll have to go with Local Delivery for my favourite.”

Whichever one is first in your heart, we sincerely appreciate the work that Shopify keeps doing. With each new feature they add to their toolbox, they remove another barrier to entrepreneurs. These ongoing improvements to the Shopify platform mean that the Able Sense team can create even more exceptional ecommerce experiences for our clients and their customers. 

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