We’re Excited: Shopify Unite 2019 Recap
The Able Sense team talks about their favourite moments

Our team has just returned from a whirlwind of exciting and inspirational courses, speakers, meetings with partners and networking with other Shopify experts at Shopify Unite 2019 in Toronto. While we were happy to be immersed in a world of innovation and partnership, we are even more excited to unpack the new information, ideas and opportunities we’ve learned about, add them to our skillsets and, most importantly, to make them work for our clients’ businesses.

Our developers really enjoyed the developer tools feedback sessions

“Being able to talk to other developers and hear their experiences was reassuring that we're not alone and that our ideas for how to improve the platform would also be beneficial to others. It's nice to know that Shopify is looking for feedback and criticism on what they're doing right and what they need to improve on. This direction Shopify is taking, in being open and honest with their partners, is only going to make the platform better for everyone.”

“Many of these new products, tools and updates will require us to learn new skills and will really pay off for our app customers with speed and accuracy.”

We are all buzzing about AR (augmented reality)

We’ve been playing around with the 3D and AR features at tryit.media (and so can you)!

Shopify Unite AR + 3D Merchandising Booth

“I liked the updates and improvements to the product media with the addition of native video and AR. I think this will be very popular with upscale brands to set them apart and will lead to more and more retailers adding this kind of content to their stores as the ability to create 3D models becomes more available and affordable. I don't think it will take long for this to be an expectation of ecommerce merchants.”

“This new feature will drive the likeliness of a customer completing a purchase by twice as much when interacting with a 3D model.”

“Why is this an important asset to have? It allows customers to better interact with the products to get a sense of the details and size and replaces the long lists of product specs. In the example shown, customers can get a sense of all Bumbleride’s stroller highlights and can even see how it would fit in their trunk when folded up.”


A complete overview

Shopify Partners have summed up everything that was announced at Shopify Unite, including every API and new tools too.

We’ll be waxing poetic about some of this at our Shopify Meetup, June 26.  RSVP here.