Translate and Adapt Your Store Content for Every Market
Customers for your business are worldwide. To attract them to your store you need to make your communication relatable to them, and that includes speaking the language they know.

Worldwide the languages we use to perceive and communicate is varied and a simple translation of your content may not provide the intended information for your customers.

This month, a new offering from Shopify has been introduced to help simplify the process for merchants and assist with translation, terminology, and language to localize your store.

So why is it important to adapt your store content for every market and what will it do for your company?

Increase Sales

Translations improve SEO and discoverability of your site and your products, assisting in growing your international traffic. More traffic means more potential customers and proper market adaptation will help increase your bottomline. 

Gain Trust and Loyalty

When you create a store that speaks every customer’s language you create a connection with your customer. You will gain trust by understanding your customer, loyalty from positive experiences with your store, and relevance and expertise everywhere you sell.

Shopify Markets allows you to identify, set up, and launch, optimize your store into international markets and combined with Shopify's newest app, your store will be optimized for your worldwide market. Bring more customers to your store and increase conversion using the Shopify Translate & Adapt app, the only translation and custom content tool built by Shopify.

Translate & Adapt

Translate & Adapt app allows Shopify users to easily add languages and manage content on their store and do so easier than ever before.

  • Activate languages for each of your markets.
  • Import and organize your own manual translations.
  • Add up to two free auto-translated languages.
  • Use the side-by-side editor to edit translations and reference original copy.
  • Apply spot translations using the online store theme editor.
  • Improve SEO in local markets with translated store content.
  • Manage within Shopify in a seamless experience.

Working seamlessly with Shopify Markets, creating a localized experience is now easier than ever. Shopify Translate & Adapt allows you to tailor the shopping experience for customers in different markets by adapting content to account for spelling, vocabulary, and messaging variations. This is available to all merchants to and use and localize their store content.

Shopify Translate & Adapt is the best way to increase traffic, drive customer conversion, and boost sales globally.

Learn More

You can install the app by visiting the Shopify App Store, and if you are looking to further optimize your store to create the best impression on your customers please reach out to us.

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