The Magic Winery Bus rolls on
All aboard for continuing success: we update a custom Shopify store to meet a company’s growing needs.

We loved working with the team from Wolfville Magic Winery bus and creating a custom Shopify website for their 2017 season. Our goal back then was to help the already-successful business grow and strengthen their operation by giving them control of their own ticketing. This we did, with success, and within the year they were getting set to grow again.

In 2018, the newly-rebranded Magic Winery Bus was ready to bring their classic British double-decker bus wine tours to the Twenty Valley in Niagara, Ontario, as well. With this business growth came the need to expand the capabilities of their Shopify store. There’s nothing we love more than renewing and continuing relationships with happy clients, so we were happy to help them out! 

Our 2018 updates allow online visitors to choose which region to tour: Wolfville or Twenty Valley. It was important to keep a consistent online experience that clearly indicates their choice of location. Customers still needed to easily find all of the planning details - maps, times, winery bios - while making sure they bought tickets to the correct location.

Screenshot of custom date-picker from the Magic Winery Bus website

Pick your date, time and now location

We were able to update their custom date-picker calendar so that it displays all available tours for the entire season, by date and time, for each location.

Side-by-side photo of Wolfville and Twenty Valley vineyards

Shopify POS in two provinces at once

We had set the Magic Winery Bus team up with Shopify POS to sell available tickets onsite. Now, in either location, it’s easy to select the ticket dates and times, check for availability and process payment using the Shopify swipe on their tablets.

A custom app adds new functionality

We created a new custom app for the Magic Winery Bus, and called it On The List. With it, they can view the list of attendees for any date and time directly on their tablets. They can export attendee lists as a CSV file to have a paper copy onboard, or use as reference when welcoming visitors. We’re still working on making On The List the best that it can be and continue to roll out new and improved features, so the Magic Winery Bus can reap the most benefit from its efficiencies.

Where will they go next?

It’s been fun and exciting to watch the Magic Winery Bus’ adventures unfold, and we’re proud to have been called back to contribute to their growth in our way. We expect this is just the beginning of the magical mysteries they have up their sleeves.

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