Shopify POS Go

Close the sale anywhere with Shopify’s most powerful, advanced, and secure POS device.

When your retail business incorporates a mobile POS system, your entire staff can offer a better experience for your customers, and with Shopify's new Shopify POS Go you are able to close the sale anywhere with Shopify’s most powerful, advanced, and secure POS device.

Why Shopify POS Go?

There are many advantages to mobile POS and the result is a better experience for your customers. With the holiday shopping season coming up making their experience as efficient as possible is crucial to their satisfaction and your profitability.

No customer enjoys waiting for service and traditional retail environments have staff to assist with different requests and aspects of the store. For example, you may have someone assist you in finding an item and answer any questions you may have related to store product, while another person may be responsible for the sale of that item and taking payment from the customer. With a mobile POS system those responsibilities can be completed by the same person as well as multiple people in the store. When you combine activities in the retail environment you are able to have a more efficient shopping and checkout experience for your customer allowing quicker overall transactions and happier customers.


Powered by Shopify, POS Go is fully loaded with Shopify POS software to keep you connected to your business, so you never miss a transaction or interaction. POS Go features a large 5.5" HD display, using Gorilla Glass 5 and connects via wifi standards. Also it includes a built-in barcode scanner and you can accept tap, chip, and swipe payments. Accept all payments including credit, debit and mobile wallets.

Your mobile point of sale is ready to use right out of the box. Simply turn it on and connect to all the tools, resources, and support you need for your business.


POS Go includes enhanced features that allow you to analyze your business and recognize your staff. You can access top-selling staff, best-selling products, and business analytics all from the device.

A mobile POS can reduce inefficiencies and allow you to close sales, take payments, and stay on top of your business all on the go.

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