Shopify makes selling online easy. That doesn’t mean you don’t need a strategy.

It’s never been easier to dive into the world of ecommerce. All you really need is a great product or service, a strong cup of coffee, and in one afternoon you can set up your own store on Shopify. However, just because Shopify removes the barriers for merchants online, doesn’t mean you don’t need a rock-solid plan of attack for your business.

Shopify is great at making all the hard things about ecommerce a snap: PCI compliance, beautiful responsive themes, and an easy checkout flow. Not to mention you don’t have to worry about website hosting, payment processing, or downtime when your traffic (hopefully) spikes and you’re an overnight sensation.

At Able Sense, our bread and butter is helping new and established businesses be laser focused in their approach to selling online.

Who are the different types of users of your website? A customer's needs are often different from management, or marketing – yet they’re all users of the website. What do your various customers need when they visit your online store? These are simple questions, but most people skip right over them and head straight to order taking.

Customers always need to feel comfortable and like they are in the right place and know what to do next. They shouldn’t have to navigate away from one page to get information from another. Have a complicated sizing chart for the clothing you sell? Consider including it on every product detail page so customers don’t have to go searching for it. Does your drop shipper need a specific export of all your orders in a spreadsheet? Apps like Exportify can be installed to automatically deal with this type of situation, freeing up your time to focus on sales and marketing.

Just like with learning the guitar, it’s tempting to move on to more advanced skills to wow other people before understanding the basics. It’s mastering the basics, putting your customers needs first, and taking the time to get it right, that will make your store stand out from your competitors.