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A 2022 report saw wine shipments break the $4 billion mark for the first time, reaching $4.2 billion in value.

In early 2020, many industries began to see growth through their ecommerce channels. For those new to the ecommerce space, the reality of a global pandemic and home confinement sparked an immediate response to offer their products online.

One industry, the wine industry, experienced exponential online sales growth throughout the year that exceeded the expectations of many becoming the next big trend. When many establishments that offered wine were forced to close, they needed to pivot their business to thrive in this new sales environment.

In fact, according to Gomberg, Fredrikson & Associates, the respected and authoritative provider of wine industry data and analytics:

U.S. wine market sales were up 16.8% In 2021 over what was already a strong 2020.

Although the increase has been a good sign, there is still room for growth as there are only 32% of Americans drink wine.

Recently, Shopify has been working to understand the growing needs of wine merchants in order to meet the business requirements for those trying to adapt and prosper with a direct-to-consumer model.

Challenges and Considerations

With many industries as of late, the wine industry has transformed substantially, entering a new and challenging space. Online sales for alcohol have remained consistent post-pandemic, emphasizing the importance of allowing customers to access wine more conveniently through online channels.

However, selling wine online and reaching a new generation of consumers isn't easy. There are many considerations to take into account that make selling wine online different than selling other consumer products. Some new considerations to take into account include:

Age Confirmation: As legal drinking ages vary, you need to consider where your audience is and that even browsing your site meets required minimum drinking age in the potential buyer's country.

Categorization: Wine is a complex product and even though some consumers may know exactly what they want based on their taste, others will be new to the wine experience. Having appropriate categories allowing consumers to browse by such things as region, tasting notes, pairing, and more is critical for a favourable browsing and buying experience resulting in repeat business and business growth.

Compliance and Tax: Compliance laws and tax considerations are complex in the wine industry and when it comes to shipping across state lines or internationally there are various considerations to adhere to as it is illegal in some areas to sell alcohol. Even in the United States there are counties that prohibit alcohol sales. Not only are these rules complex, they can and do change.

For DTC sales, it's crucial to check if your destination is legally allowed to accept your product. Although this remains difficult, building knowledge of such restrictions into the sales process will help.

Shopify for Wine

That's why Shopify for Wine brings the power of Shopify Plus together with a fully embedded compliance and tax solution, with social selling, subscriptions, email and SMS marketing channels, making it an all-in-one platform for commerce for wine brands.

Sell your wine direct-to-consumer using Shopify Plus – a best in class enterprise commerce platform that is trusted by the world's most innovative brands.

Unparalleled agency and app partners The Shopify Partner ecosystem consists of thousands of agency partners, app developers and more who extend the functionality of your store and help you scale and grow your wine business.

Able Sense and Wine Merchants

Able Sense has a well established history of planning and implementing Shopify Ecommerce and POS for Canadian wineries. Some of our clients include Grand Pré Wines, Lightfoot & Wolfville, Biondivino, the hatch, and more. We have worked on various projects including new online stores, wine labels, new sites, and rebranding. We are excited for this new launch as it will give US wine merchants new options as they consider the DTC wine space.

Our experience with the companies we have previously worked with has allowed us to have an understanding of the challenges for a new DTC wine merchant, and with that knowledge we can assist you through the process of bringing your wine direct to consumers.

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