Our Developers' Top Six Takeaways from Shopify Unite 2019
The Able Sense team breaks down their favourite new innovations

Shopify nicely summed up everything that was announced at Shopify Unite, including every API and new tools too over the week, but these are what our developers are most excited about.


Derek Morash and Chris Jones’ Top Six

  1. Predictive search: This helps your customers express and refine their search queries, providing new ways for them to explore your online store.

    Predictive Search

  2. Recommended products on product pages: This makes it easier for your customers to discover new products, and can help to increase online sales. 

    Recommended Products

  3. Theme Page Sections: Developers will now be able to build more customizations into themes so merchants can control more of the functionality on every page.

    Theme page sections

  4. API versioning: Shopify releases a new API version every 3 months at the beginning of the quarter. Previously, we’d have to scramble to update our codes on their schedule. We love this update; with it we can continue to use a version and upgrade and update our codes when we’re ready.

    API versioning

  5. GraphiQL App for exploring the GraphQL API in your store. This is an exciting new tool for developers to build apps and other integrations for the Shopify admin using GraphQL. With the API, they can create custom apps for our clients that offer functionality at every stage of a store's operation, including shipping, fulfillment and product management.

    GraphQL App

  6. GraphQL Bulk API (still under development): This new bulk API will save time and complexity for developers like us, allowing us to request unlimited orders from a store in a single request, instead of small chunks of data at a time with a set waiting period.

    GraphQL API

All images and screenshots are courtesy of Shopify articles and their Twitter feed.