The next steps after our Ecommerce Action Plan

We're always thinking about the next steps in every website project and what we could be doing to make your business even better.

There are always next steps in every website project.

No matter where our clients are in their business process, we always end up having some sort of discussion about the next steps during the Ecommerce Action Plan (EAP) project. We’re always thinking about what we could be doing to make your business even better.

With our EAPs, we're having a lot of fun working with clients who are at varying spots on the road to business success. Some are just getting started – their Shopify website is their first website, and the first time they’re able to show the world their brand new business. Others are replatforming and reorganizing themselves. These clients are excited to see the benefits of having Shopify take care of their website and ecommerce so they can spend more time on other business priorities.

Future considerations

Even though our EAP’s are designed to get you up and running, we more often than not see the working relationship continue. These are the best kind of relationships because after completing the EAP we have a solid understanding of your objectives, goals, and customers. We have never known your business better at this point, which means we are able to offer valuable insight into those next steps.

What are we talking about when we say next steps?

If we’re working with a new business, we may be working with a prebuilt Shopify theme. In this case, we always make sure to select a theme that includes all of the features we must have. We find these features from our user stories exploration, which examines each user and what types of things they will need to get the most from your website. These might include:

  • Homepage videos to show how a product works
  • Image zoom to see the finer details of a product
  • Product quick view so customers can easily shop from a collection page

But sometimes there may be a few features missing from a pre-built theme that we had hoped to have. In other words, we can’t find any themes that include all of the must-have and hope-to-have features.

We don’t let these hope-to-have features slow down launch because we want to start spreading the news and selling products/services as soon as we can. So we put them aside to consider during a Phase 2 project and keep them in mind as we start learning about how your customers are behaving.

Data-driven design and website fitness

Because we always implement Google Analytics to augment your Shopify website’s built-in analytics, during Phase 2 we also have access to data-driven reports that help inform our decisions about what needs to be changed and/or added. These tools combine to provide insight into what is actually happening with your campaigns, marketing/sales channels, and on-site behaviours like conversion rates.

Every new or updated campaign, webpage, product, or touch point should be purposeful. This allows us to achieve business outcomes that can be measured and improved upon continually over time. This planning and measurement approach is distinctly different from random changes based on preferences, or copying what may appear to be working for competitors.

Ultimately, when we’re ready to conquer the Phase 2 features we usually have options:

  1. Consider an app from the app store,
  2. Create a custom app
  3. Make custom adjustments to the existing theme, or
  4. Start discussing custom themes.

If it’s the right thing to do, we’ll make it happen

We want you to succeed so we’re always going to help you get to the next right step. We do have a bit invested in getting you there because we’re proud that we could play a part. Even more than that, it’s fun to watch you gain the recognition you deserve.