ICYMI: Halifax September Shopify Meetup, September 18
September 18th was a great night for ecommerce. Here’s what you missed.


Twenty merchants and entrepreneurs from Halifax, Truro, and even one from Wales, came together for another engaging Shopify Meetup hosted by Able Sense, this time at Propeller Brewing. These were a mix of entrepreneurs with SMBs, marketing professionals, craftspeople, Shopify merchants and the Shopify-curious. 

This Meetup’s focus was branding and content marketing, and how each can be leveraged to make a business prosper. To this end, Julie Guy of BrewHQ and Jennifer Faulkner of Proposify each shared what they have learned in creating and marketing their successful brands.



In case you missed out, here’s what our talented speakers had to say:

Track 1: Building your Brand with Content Marketing

Julie Guy, Brand Manager of BrewHQ, spoke about how, when BrewHQ launched last June, they were a small team with a minimal marketing budget but big ideas. Since then, they have used a thoughtful content marketing strategy to help their brand grow organically, by building a virtual library of information for Canadian homebrewers. Thanks to their focus on well-planned content, they are now competing with established national companies. 



Three key takeaways:

  • Content marketing gets 3x more leads than paid search advertising. 
  • Create content for your audience, not just for yourself, your company or only for current customers.
  • Expand your reach with podcasts, which are easier to share than blog posts and lend themselves to cross-platform promotion.



BrewHQ’s brand is more than premium brewing ingredients and quality equipment; they are dedicated to providing a complete brewing experience. The BrewHQ team have developed & tested exclusive beer recipes, have a growing collection of recipes to pair or cook with your homebrew, and are always there to give you advice on your brewing needs.

(They also have a great Shopify Plus platform.)


Track 2: Branding, James Bond, and Your Small Business

Proposify’s Chief Communications Officer Jennifer Faulkner has done her homework on the benefits and power of consistent branding, noting that a brand succeeds by appealing to your audience’s emotions. Like the iconic Q of Bond movie fame, Proposify has created their own brand code in P: they are their customers’ secret weapon, using innovation and technology to help customers complete their mission.



Three key takeaways:

  • Be consistent; consistent branding across all channels increases revenue by 23%.
  • Your brand is a promise of an experience, a promise that you must keep.
  • Decide which emotion(s) you are appealing to, and how you want your brand to make people feel about themselves.

Recommended resource: The Culture Code by Clotaire Rapaille



Proposify’s mission: to revolutionize the proposal process and make it less painful, to make it easy for sales teams to create and close customized, interactive, beautifully designed proposals. They believe that sales automation can create more opportunities for sales personalization. In short, they want to “make killer closers out of everyone, including you.”



We couldn’t have done it without you

We want to express our thanks again to all the attendees for spending the evening with us and for sharing their questions and experiences; our speakers for imparting their wisdom and lessons learned; the venue staff for making sure we had a great location to meet; and of course our own Able Sense team who worked so hard to make the event a success.



Next stop, Wolfville! 

We’ll be hosting the next Meetup on November 13th at the beautiful Lightfoot & Wolfville winery. Follow us on Instagram or Twitter for updates and registration details!

If you’d like to speak at one of our meetups, contact meetups@ablesense.com.

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