How to Scale Your Automotive Parts Business Online
Automotive and parts are predicted to be the fastest growing vertical in ecommerce in 2022.

- $19.8 billion - estimated automotive aftermarket sales in 2022.
- 80% - the amount of entrepreneurs in the industry who are not prepared.

Automotive Ecommerce Growth

Automotive and parts are predicted to be the fastest growing vertical in ecommerce in 2022, with an estimated 30% year-over-year increase, according to eMarketer. Fortunately, many businesses are realizing that the online space is where their automotive business needs to focus for their continued success.

Bringing your automotive parts business online can seem like a challenging task. What are the most important considerations with your automotive and parts ecommerce?

Inventory Management

With large inventories that continue to grow with the introduction of other vehicles, it's important to have a process that allows easy integration of content with minimal backend management. Using product variants and performing bulk uploads needs to be easily understood and managed leaving more time to engage and sell your products to your customers.

Customer Experience

Having an easily navigated and fast ecommerce experience is crucial to your site's success. In fact, the most common reason people leave a site is because it's too slow. states that nearly 70% of consumers admit that page speed influences their likeliness to buy.

Other reasons customers leave sites include having an over-complicated checkout process, and confusing page navigation. It's important to understand what your customer expects from your site.

With the unique opportunities in automotive parts, having recommended products and other opportunities during checkout can not only help you maximize your sales but can lead to a customer who trusts your company by understanding what they need. This leads to repeat customers who spend more with you. Consumers say that how well a company understands their individual needs impacts their loyalty.

Working Online and Offline

Bringing your business online can be a profitable addition for your company but it needs to work seamlessly with your existing offline business, especially as a company with an inventory of products that could be in the thousands. With so many products, inventory needs to be live by connecting these channels and syncing your data between online and offline stores. You may be just dipping your toe into ecommerce or you may be migrating all of that data from another platform. Regardless of where you are with your ecommerce, you will need that data managed correctly.

With the help of Able Sense and Shopify, getting your automotive parts business online is easy. Our team excels at managing and migrating large amounts of data. You can be confident that we will be able to successfully create an online experience that will be profitable for your company and a positive and exciting experience for your customers.

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