How Able Sense's Ecommerce Action Plan Saves You Money

An Ecommerce Action Plan will identify risks and avoid potential pitfalls. Less risk of missing milestones, cost overruns, and feature creep.

Taking the step to get into the ecommerce space is a big step for any company, large or small. Much like starting any business, launching and maintaining your ecommerce isn't always easy. There are numerous boxes to tick as you move into the exciting world of Shopify.

As a Shopify Plus Partner, Able Sense exclusively builds Shopify ecommerce solutions and we work closely with our clients to structure a site that is going to help them scale their business. On the surface an ecommerce site needs to look good, but there are also many other items that need to be considered to make your ecommerce site successful.

There are various stages you will be involved throughout the ecommerce process. There is the setup, the launch, and concluding your launch, ongoing maintenance of your site - this is where you need the help of an agency like Able Sense who can guide you through this process with an in-depth, and documented Ecommerce Action Plan (EAP)

Why an Ecommerce Action Plan is Important

Simply put, a thorough Able Sense EAP will save you time and money. Chipping away at an ecommerce solution without having a clear plan can lead to wasted time, both from yourself, and the development team. Spending time on a solution and being excited for it, and then running into a roadblock can be very frustrating and it can greatly influence your budget and your launch date by having to scale back and start again.

Having a plan for your ecommerce site before starting an implementation is crucial to the successful and timely rollout of your site. Also, knowing what is possible and what aspects will require third party apps, as well as the time needed to complete tasks will give you an estimate allowing you to budget accordingly.

What are the Steps of an Ecommerce Action Plan Work?

In every implementation there are some requirements and user stories that must be part of the initial launch. These are the items that have the biggest impact:

  1. How to address specific goals.
  2. Impact on customers and staff.

The first phase of implementation is typically a major subset of approved user stories.

Content Planning

We review your product catalogue, marketing materials, customer touch points, and any other publicly available content. Then we reach consensus on what stays, what goes, and what to add during implementation.

Identify Goals for Your Business

Together, we define attainable online goals that help put ecommerce at the centre of your business. We bring an outside perspective with significant experience in consultation and development in the Shopify ecosystem.

Identifying User Types

We lead an extensive user story workshop with you – defining everything your website users need to accomplish.

Information Architecture

Organize your content and user experience so customers feel like they’re in the right place, and know what to do next. Different content requires different page layouts for the web. Understanding what types of pages we need to implement informs the scope for design and development.

A workshop to interact and debate what content belongs together, and what is the most important to communicate to customers. Different parts of the implemented system need different pieces or forms of the same content. These can be things like entering a new market or channel that still requires analysis by you, or a potential future integration with software that may be added to your operations.

Product Information Management

In most cases there are several systems that have authority about particular pieces of product information. Implementing Shopify requires an understanding of these systems systems – including what can be integrated or what must be siloed. Even with a dedicated PIM system, it is rare for one system to effectively manage all of the product information required in the other systems.


Able Sense will identify risks and mitigation plans, and consider how to leverage know-how from our work with hundreds of Shopify merchants.

Building the implementation requirements and plan together pays off during implementation. Less risk of missing milestones, cost overruns, and feature creep.

Get in touch with us to discuss your ecommerce goals and discuss the possibility of developing an Ecommerce Action Plan for your company.

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