Getting Better All the Time
Already-successful AmerCare gets even better at ecommerce

There’s something to be said for never resting on “good enough”. AmerCare is a leading provider of disposable products for the foodservice and retail industries. Their product line currently includes over 1,200 branded products, in both AmerChoice-branded and custom-printed products. The company maintains strong customer relationships with over 1,000 distribution partners across North America.

We value our continuing relationship with AmerCare, whose ongoing success we support with strategic and creative services to develop and improve their brand. AmerCare’s philosophy is simple; they want to be the best at absolutely every part of what they do. Our goal for them is to make doing business with AmerCare easier than with any other supplier, which we are pleased to do with custom enhancements and optimizations using Shopify Scripts and custom theme development. 


Innovation to improve on an established success

Our engagement with AmerCare is via our success & support model. They came to us as an already highly-successful company, but with our custom enhancements and optimizations to ten of the sites in their portfolio, they’ve gotten even better. 


Deviating from the playbook with custom development 

Deviated pricing for B2B ecommerce is a combination of customer-specific pricing (customers will have their own negotiated price that only they will see for a product, as well as additional price breaks for larger quantities), and bulk pricing, which is available to any customer (discounts based on quantities purchased of that product).



With all the other benefits included with our favourite ecommerce platform, deviated pricing is not yet built into Shopify. Our research discovered that existing third-party apps all failed to deliver what AmerCare envisioned, as well, so, we analyzed AmerCare's needs and tasked our developers. They met the challenge with custom code that meets AmerCare’s specific deviated pricing requirements. We applied Shopify theme customizations and development and used Shopify Scripts to apply these specific pricing rules. Now, AmerCare’s valued customers benefit from loyalty pricing (as well as our developers’ ingenuity) as they order with ease the products they need.


Ongoing custom support: turning “What if?” into “Like this?”

We were keen to provide another way to further automate and personalize AmerCare’s purchaser experience, at their request. Our developers’ custom code now allows long standing customers the option to create purchase orders for account payments instead of paying with a credit card at checkout.


Continued support for continued success

AmerCare has repeatedly challenged our developers’ ingenuity to add theme customizations and fixes to make their sites run a little better. With these latest updates, their valued customers now benefit from an improved, personalized user experience, and our client has benefited from increased pricing automation...which frees up more time for AmerCare to come up with new challenges for us.