Exportify and Product Customization Apps
A match made in heaven

With the increasing popularity  for good reason  of customizable products, there comes great opportunity for your business. Online stores can offer personalization to increase their seasonal sales and connect with their discerning (and imaginative) customers. 

How does customization work?

In most stores, shoppers can already choose product variants (e.g. size and colour), but sometimes they want something that is truly their own: from custom-engraved text on jewellery, names and numbers on sports jerseys, or even adding gift wrapping and messaging, personalization opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your store.

There are several apps in the Shopify Marketplace that make it easier for merchants to offer and manage these options right at checkout, but when it comes to order exports, it can be a headache. From keeping track of all those extra details in the line items or note attributes, to ensuring your fulfillment partners receive all the right information in the way they need it, it can be a repetitive and time-consuming process. 

You can make better use of your time by adding Exportify to your Shopify store.

Simplify and automate your order export process 

When you download Exportify, the Exportify team will set you up with the unique configuration that works for you. Whether you use note attributes or line item properties in your personalized product orders, your custom configuration means that Exportify will capture your customers’ preferences and export them in the format your fulfillment team needs. It will then deliver your orders automatically, either as they are made (cha-ching!) or on a schedule you choose.

With Exportify and a great product-customization app like Bold Product Options or Product Builder, your customers get exactly what they want, and you get a simpler, more efficient process that exports your orders the way you want, automatically.

Each Exportify download comes with a custom configuration.