Calling All CTAs
Optimize your Calls To Action to optimize your conversions

Call to action (CTA): a marketing term for any device designed to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale

Your CTAs are important. You can create the best proposal, the nicest site, the best customer experience and stock the best products, but unless you directly ask your customer if they’re ready to buy, your conversion rate will suffer.

Your Call To Action is simply that. Once you have provided your customers with the information they need, the images, specifications and reviews that will convince them to purchase your product or service, you need to close the deal. 

Simply put, you need to ask them to buy. But how best to ask?



Your CTA needs to stand out. Think design: size, placement and colour, but also, think mobile. Studies show that most of your customers are now shopping over mobile, so choose a button over a link; it needs to be absolutely clear where they have to click. 

Your button should be easy to find and intuitive. It needs to coordinate with the look and feel of your site, but still catch your customer’s attention. Ask your designer to come up with a few different options, then run some A/B tests to see which your customers like best.

Start the conversation


Compelling copy is essential when it comes to a CTA. You only have a few words to convince someone to click, so think about your copy carefully: what is your call to action? 

Unfortunately, there is no one right answer; an effective CTA needs to reflect your brand’s tone and style. 

The best ones include positive language (Yes!), authoritative statements (I want it!) and action verbs (Make it happen!). And using possessive pronouns (Get yours!) can help create a sense of ownership in your customers even before they click. Avoid terms that indicate that there may be effort ahead, like: ‘Begin now or Start the process.’ 

As with design, a simple A/B test is recommended to see which CTA messages resonate best with your customers. 

Unless you directly ask your customer if they’re ready to buy, your conversion rate will suffer

Creative Placement

More doesn’t necessarily equal better, but consider this: where are your CTAs located on your site? If they’re just sitting at the bottom of each page, you’re probably missing out on conversion.

Add CTAs in new places. If it doesn’t affect readability, add them within blog posts or blocks of text to generate far more leads than the one at the bottom of the page.

Take a look at your site analytics. Which blog posts are the most popular? If you’re not seeing a correlation in conversions, take some time to inspect the post and the CTA text. Is there a disconnect between the two? Is your CTA clear?

Our CTA for you

If your product is great, and your customer service is beyond reproach, if your site has beautiful UX and a growing customer base (we can help you with the latter), then optimizing your CTAs for conversion is a no-brainer.

Try the above tips, or contact us to help, and see what a CTA can really do.