...and BOGO's for all
Great news – the Discounts section of Shopify has received a huge overall update

Convincing people to purchase from them online is the toughest challenge our merchants face. In a traditional retail environment, you are there to answer questions and earn a new customer's trust. Online, sometimes other tactics work best, and one thing is for sure – customers love a deal.

Great news – the discounts section of Shopify has received a huge overall update, and now supports BOGO’s, as well other flexible rewards for all merchants.

Our clients have long been using third-party apps to replicate the buy X get Y discount type. Shopify has now removed a lot of the friction for merchants, and have included this promotion as part of its core discounts feature set. 

The best thing about this form of marketing is that you don’t pay until you’ve made a transaction, and a new customer!

Like it’s previous discount code creation ability, making a BOGO is a snap. You can set discreet user limits, expiry times, and usage redemptions rules like you do today. When you choose the X get Y discount type, you can also choose if you buy from collection X get one from product Y or single out individual products you’d like to feature.

It doesn’t have to be a buy one get one free either. You can set specific rules around the discount of the second product.

Like all discount codes in ecommerce, it has to be entered on the cart page for it to take effect. This shouldn’t deter your clients but you might want to make this clear in your message to avoid confusion.

This is the first of many discount feature upgrades to Shopify this year that they announced recently at Unite 2018.