5 Things to boost sales this BFCM on your Shopify store
Here are a few things you can try with your business to get a few more transactions during BFCM

Shopify prides itself on being able to handle the massive amount of transactions that come through its web stores over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. Here are a few things you can try with your business to get a few more transactions during BFCM.

1. Create a Custom BFCM Collection

Collections in Shopify are not just for creating pages of goods that should be grouped together. You can get ahead of the game this weekend by creating a custom curated collection of hand-picked sales for your shoppers. You can even start getting traffic and newsletter subscribers ahead of the sale by teasing with a BFCM collection. Try promoting your BFCM with a homepage call-to-action or a social media campaign.

When sale day arrives, slash the prices in your BFCM collection and start getting ready to ship. If your store is integrated with MailChimp (which we highly recommend) you can also email your subscriber base this collection directly using MailChimp’s Shopify app.

2. Create Amazing Deals in Both Retail and Online Channels

BFCM is a time for deal hunting, there’s no doubt about that. Try creating deals that are going to resonate with and reward both your retail and online customers. For example, you could heavily discount lighter items that are easy to ship online and save the deals on heavy equipment and hardware for your retail customers. Some of our clients have told us that there is very little overlap between their retail and online segments, so rewarding each group makes sense for them.

3. Get Permission from your Suppliers to Offer Special Deals

Most suppliers have rules around what the lowest price that you as a retailer can charge for a certain product. We’ve had some of our clients approach their distributors to get special permission for this weekend. It’s hard for consumers to turn down once-a-year deals such as these. One retailer offered a discount on larger hardware items, knowing that they sell lots of consumables for that product all year round.

4. Extend Black Friday Deals to Cyber Monday using Discount Codes

Offer your online customer segment something special with a late Sunday night email that includes a special discount code to extend Black Friday deals through to Cyber Monday. Creating discount codes for specific collections (see above) is super easy and robust within the Shopify ecosystem. Using a collection to add a new discount code and only make it available to your customers that have offered to accept email marketing will make your online segment feel like they are getting deals that no one else is getting.

Discount codes are one of the best deals in marketing for businesses. Where you’d spend a ton of money up front on a traditional print, billboard, or radio ad, you’re only spending money when customers actually purchase with discount codes.

5. Tidy Up Your Branding Across All of Your Channels

The traffic and hype around BFCM is real. Do your marketing correctly and you should be getting a high volume of visitors to your website over the weekend. This is a perfect time to make sure your branding is consistent and on point across all of your channels – Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and especially your Google Business listing. We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve seen businesses who are busy with the day to day running of their business forget to update important details, like business hours. These details are important to stay on top of for both new and returning customers.

Of course, will all advertising and marketing, it’s best to try a variety of different tactics, track the results and find what works best for you. Maybe direct e-mail marketing combined with specific segmentation and targeted discount codes is your store’s secret sauce.

Whatever tactic you use – it’s a great time of year to get customers through the checkout and remind them of your selection, product knowledge, and customer service. If they feel like they are in the right place and enjoy the experience, they will return when prices are back to normal.