5 Things from Shopify Unite 2018 we are most excited about
Here are some of the announcements that got us most excited

We were thrilled to attend this year’s Shopify’s annual partner conference, Shopify Unite, in Toronto this week. There’s a lot of buzz about the future of ecommerce, and some great special guests, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Of course, Shopify usually reserves this time to drop major platform upgrades, and this year was no exception. Here are some of the announcements that got us most excited, and we know our clients will be just as excited.

1. Marketing, Simplified.

Shopify is now making it easier for entrepreneurs to create and run marketing campaigns directly from a new Marketing section in your store’s admin. Merchants can create, run, and track what is and isn’t working.

Discounts is also getting a huge buff, and merchants will now be able to easily create and run Buy One Get One (BOGO) & Quantity discounts giving them yet another tool to help promote and reward loyal customers, as well as boost conversions (who doesn’t love a BOGO?)

2. Shopify POS.

Shopify is looking to make their POS options even stronger this year by offering huge upgrades including returns and exchanges, in-store pickup, tipping options, and even a customer view that you can set up so they can see everything that you are ringing in. They are also releasing a developer SDK, so I’m sure we will see huge innovations in this space from developers.

Even better news – retail specific features (once $50 a month) will be bundled with the standard Shopify Plan and above, without an additional price increase.

3. Location, location, location!

Probably one of the top features our clients have been asking for - inventory locations will now be making its way into Shopify. Merchants will now be able to manage inventory, across all locations, in one place. Our clients quickly want to expand or find ways to integrate Shopify into their existing retail environments, and this will make it much easier for them.

4. Ping.

Keep on top of messaging with your customers, as well as team members with Ping, Shopify’s new built in messaging app. Reply on the fly to customer inquiries, no matter where they happen. Loop in other member of your team, or talk to Kit, Shopify’s buffed virtual employee, who can help you run marketing campaigns, or answer questions about your business. “Kit, how many Enamel Pins did we sell last month??”.

5. New App Store

The average Shopify store installs an average 6 apps to tailor their store to their business objectives. Shopify is going make finding apps easier with a newly redesigned Shopify App Store, as well as a personalized app suggestions based on your store.

Behind the scenes for app developers (like us) the admin API will be GraphQL-powered, allowing Partners to leverage its speed and efficiency to build faster and more stable apps.

Of course this just our favourite features, please check out the full list of Shopify Unite 2018 platform update reveals.

Tobi Lutke speaks at Shopify Unite 2018